Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Blogger - Mary from Being Ayurveda

Ayurveda (Ayur – Life, Veda – Science) is yoga’s sister science.  Ayurveda believes that by establishing oneself in a healthy daily routine (dinacharya) one can avoid many common ailments, chronic diseases and daily life stresses.  With that in mind Being Ayurveda presents its

Top 10 Things You Can Do Daily (IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS) to Feel Great Everyday

1.   Go to bed & Wake up at the same time every day. 
2.   Before getting out of bed every morning, stop and be thankful for something. 
3.   Drink a glass of warm water before breakfast.
4.   Take time to go to the bathroom. 
5.   Do a self-massage before you shower. 
6.   Do 12 Sun Salutations.  (6 right leg/6 left leg)
7.   Eat Breakfast
8.   Eat lunch – Try to make it your biggest meal of the day. 
9.   Take a walk every day
10.        Before going to sleep, stop and be thankful for something. 

    These are just a sampling of common sense Ayurvedic means and methods to bring your body into health and to help eliminate 'dis-ease'.  Ayurveda teaches us how to harmonize with Nature's rhythms to bring meaningful change and to balance & eliminate conditions such as chronic pain, menstrual difficulties and digestive aliments.

Mary Guerenabarrena is an Ayurvedic Consultant and Yoga Educator and owner of Being Ayurveda. Her work combines Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling, yoga, diet and nutrition, and herbal remedies, to assist her clients in regaining balance in the body, mind, and soul. 

She offers Ayurveda classes regularly at Bristol Yoga Studio. 


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